Flying high

“I’ve never been overseas” he said, “but I reckon we’ve got everything you could want right here”.  Today I was inclined to agree.  On a sun-filled day, when I chronologically turned another year older, I felt as young as a kid flying high on life.

The desire to wander had been burning strong and Mornington Peninsula, about an hour and a half from Melbourne, called.  Relieved that I still remembered how to drive, I also remembered that I had no idea where I was going.

It didn’t matter - that’s when fun and unexpected things happen.  Things like the Rosebud Kite Festival - a beachside celebration of kites (along with the obligatory sausage sizzle, music, massage stands and fire truck). The kites were big, small and oh so beautifully colourful.  My personal favourite was one I called ‘Evil Tweetie.  It was a sight to behold.

I went wild and crazy (after all, it was my birthday) and had a sausage sandwich.  If the queue had been shorter, I would have lined up with the kids and their Dads to get my photo taken in the fire truck …….. but I didn’t get THAT wild and crazy.

An easy drive from the city and ideal for a seaside escape, Mornington’s coastline is peppered with shallow, white sandy beaches and seaside villages on the Port Phillip Bay side.  The ocean side is equally dramatic, with rugged cliffs and clean beaches and gave me a much-needed fix of time in the surf.   

The beach shack owner was right - I did have everything I could want right there today.  Even Evil Tweetie. 


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