Men made of steel

The sign said I was on the Killer Whale Trail where "boats were made of wood and men were made of steel".   

On the far south coast of New South Wales, the old whaling town of Eden was a great place for a history lesson.  

Back when whaling was a major industry in the region, the killer whales (Orcas) would round up the larger whales and drive them into Twofold Bay where the whalers in rowboats could harpoon the gentle giants.  Although the seas were calm during this trip, it would have been a tough life for the whalers as they endured whatever conditions Mother Nature threw at them.  Thankfully the whaling has stopped and the town is now a major fishing hub as well as a  centre to explore the plethora of historic reminders of days gone by.  

After being momentarily distracted by the thought of steel-like bodies of tall, rugged whale fishermen ……..... I was soon in awe when exploring the beautiful coastline, bays, headlands and beaches and historical sites of this stunningly beautiful part of Australia. 

With Ben Boyd National Park, Twofold Bay, Green Cape, Disaster Bay, Wonboyn River and Nadgee Nature Reserve all an easy drive away, there is no shortage of outdoors to get immersed in. 

Maybe it was the dolphins frolicking int he bay or the light playing tricks on me, but when I closed my eyes, I could almost picture those men made of steel.