Big Sky

I went in search of sun, savannah and wildebeest and that's exactly what I got.  That and big sky - big, colourful sky.  

From the harsh dry landscape, to the predictably spectacular sunrises and sunset, Southern Africa shows off with desert, salt-pans, delta, sand and thundering waterfalls.  It is a continent of contrast and diversity and travelling overland from Johannesburg in South Africa, through Botswana to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, the colours of nature are strong and bold.  

Being poled through the maze of waterways in the Okavango Delta in narrow wooden boat (mokoro) was a beautiful and peaceful experience.  But it was only after seeing the barren surrounding landscape from the air that it becomes obvious why the wildlife depends so heavily on the rains that allow it to come alive for a few months each year.  

A visit to Chobe National Park provided a Disney-moment with a riverside scene where elephants, giraffes, baboons, warthogs, hippos and crocodiles ate, drank, walked and bathed together near the river, together in peaceful harmony.  It just didn't seem possible, but there they all were, right in front of our vehicle, in all its natural glory.  

I do have to admit though, that part of me wanted a big hungry lion to pick that very moment to go on the hunt ……….    Where are all the natural predators when a good photo opportunity presents itself?