Down the Prom

A road trip + fresh air + wonderful scenery + bread + wombats = a great long weekend.  And when that road trip was to The Prom, - well, that's even better.

Wilsons Promontory National Park (or The Prom as it is commonly known) is a place of incredible natural beauty, located in Victoria at the southern-most tip of mainland Australia.  The combination of huge granite mountains, long beaches, forest, rainforest and rugged coastlines makes it a special place that is just begging to be explored.  With loads of hiking trails, it is easy to spend under one hour or up to three days on foot.  

When the weather is less than perfect, there is something so simple and rewarding about a few slices of good, hearty bread, eaten on top of a huge granite rock after a bit of exertion walking uphill, surrounded by tall trees and huge tree ferns.  I'm always amazed at how good any food tastes after exercising in the great outdoors, but it was hard to tell if it was the bread or the chocolate that attracted the envious looks of passing hikers.  Maybe it was the chocolate.

The waters surrounding The Prom are protected as marine national park with outstanding diving, although it would take a braver, much hardier soul than me to brave the chilly Southern Ocean temperatures.  

Wildlife is in abundance and in just three days, all the iconic Australian land-based critters were accounted for.  Wombat - tick.  Emu - tick.  Kangaroo - tick.  Kookaburra - tick.   The koalas, however, were missing in action. 

Next time koalas - you don't get off that easily.  There will definitely be a next time to The Prom.