Egg-stra-ordinary day

Two hours and two hundred dollars later, I was egg-less but on my way.  The day had not gone to plan and I learnt the hard way that it is better if I take the house keys with me, than to lock them inside the house.  It became my charitable Easter act of keeping the emergency local locksmith in business.  Unfortunately, the Easter bunny couldn't get in either.  

But I had places to go and things to see - the surf was calling, the weather gods were being kind and after only a 1.5 hour drive west from Melbourne, the famous coastal town of Torquay and Bells Beach awaited.

Every April, an influx of local and overseas visitors arrive to watch the world professional tour surf competition on one of the most famous surf breaks in the world and this year, I was one of them.  

With cliff-top viewing platforms, grandstands, commentary and big screens, it was easy to be part of the action from up high on the sandy cliffs or down on the beach with the crowd.  There is something incredibly intoxicating about watching waves and knowing that no two will ever be the same.  It was equally powerful seeing some of the best female surfers in the world and being in awe of their fitness and talent.  

Spectating on the beach is great during low tide, but as the tide comes in, the crowd quickly need to find higher ground (or get wet) - their choice.  It's a beautiful, rugged and well-preserved coastline and easy to see why Victoria's Great Ocean Road has so much appeal.  

It was an egg-stra-ordinary day on so many levels.  

The coastal trail to Bells Beach - great for walking or biking

The coastal trail to Bells Beach - great for walking or biking