Not the plan

It was most definitely NOT the plan.  I was supposed to be back in Morocco now, surrounded by the colours, sights and sounds of one of the most visually spectacular countries I've ever visited.  I was supposed to be eating amazing food, exploring the medinas and spending time with my adventure travel friends and colleagues.

But as happens sometimes in life, it doesn't always follow the plan.  After having just returned from Myanmar, my back decided that it didn't like the plan to get off one flight and onto another 30 hour trip a few days later.  Regardless of how much my head and camera wanted to go to Morocco, my back said "NOT THE PLAN". 

My back disliked the idea so much that it devised a different, evil plan to cause me so much pain that I would end up out of action ( = staying in Melbourne).  What it didn't count on was the positive impact of the kindness and care I got from the highly underpaid ambulance officers, fire brigade rescue service and emergency care nurses that eventually got me off the plane and cared for me in the hospital.  "Just doing our job" they said.  It's something that I could never put a price on and something I will never forget.

The brain is so much more powerful than the body, so today I showed mine who was boss.  Today I walked. And walked. And walked.  And despite the pain, when the sky is an incredible colour blue and you have to walk really, really slowly, watching every step, the simplest things in life become so much more beautiful.

Maybe it was not the original plan, but I will never again take for granted how precious it is to be healthy enough in mind, body and heart to wander, work, listen, learn, love and experience life in this crazy world of ours.