Fresh eyes

It had to happen eventually - my endless summer of blue skies finally ended and gave way to the colour grey. 

But there a certain beauty in grey that I've never noticed this much before.  Maybe it is just that it is different from blue?  Maybe.  Perhaps it is more about having fresh eyes in my own country and continuing to find beauty in simple things, even when the sky is not blue.

I won't lie - it feels weird.  As a solo traveller for so long, It now feels foreign being back in a place where I can understand everything people are saying, back in a place where I don't have to constantly be careful or grip my handbag, or worry about always having small change.  Weird that I am, again, just like everyone else. 

But what I quickly rediscovered is how wonderful this country of mine is.  Have Australians always been such a happy, friendly, helpful bunch of people?  Has the air always been so fresh?  Probably.  I just needed to be amongst it all again with fresh eyes - fresh eyes in a new city (Melbourne) with plenty to explore, experience and enjoy - and it feels so very right to continuing sharing the journey ahead. 

A journey doesn't always have to involve travel.

Melb tree 2.jpg
Melb tree 1.jpg