How very Australian

I love waking up to find wallabies (the furry ones, not the Rugby variety), grazing on the front lawn.  They are a smaller, cuter cousin to the kangaroo and watching them never seems to lose its “aawwww” factor. 

The grass does seem to be greener on the other side for the wallabies and although they are surrounded by native bushland, the lure of my mother’s lush lawn provides an ongoing temptation that they cannot resist.  They do love a good nibble on those juicy, green shoots.   

It is easy to forget the little things that make a place so very Australian but I find myself surrounded by them on a trip home to the northern state of Queensland.  

If the gumtrees, wallabies and an almost-deserted beach were not enough to remind me where I was, the familiar red and yellow of our iconic lifeguards left me in little doubt.

And as I am just up the road from the town of Bundaberg, home of the famous rum distillery, it seems only right that I show my support for the local economy.  

How very Australian.


Lifeguard board.jpg