There is something special about receiving a postcard from somewhere afar.   But I am guilty of not sending a single postcard in seven months and that makes me feel a little bad. 

I don’t feel as bad, however, knowing that I have been able to share some of my memorable experiences and pictures through blogging and Facebook.  This week, that sharing led to an opportunity to talk about my travel experiences through a pre-recorded Slovenian National Radio interview in the charming capital of Ljubljana.  It was a pleasure to share my impressions of a country that many people would be hard-pressed to point to on a map, but one that is so worthy of exploring.  

When the interviewer asked me to share some typical ‘Aussie slang’ to finish the interview, I knew it was not to be my finest moment.  It normally rolls off my tongue ......... until someone asks me to quote it into a recording device. 

Exhausted from my extensive one hour media commitment, I did what all celebrities do - escape the city for a few days by the lake.  Water (river & lake) is at the top of my “Things I love about Slovenia” list and I can’t get enough of the clean, clear stuff that is in abundance here.  Lake Bohinj is the biggest lake in the country, picture-postcard perfect, with limited development keeping the area pristine.  Despite my bare feet still not coping well with rocky ‘beaches’, the summer water temperature is perfect for swimming morning, noon and evening. 

A outdoor enthusiasts’ paradise, Bohinj offers a smorgasbord of biking, canoeing, rafting, paragliding and swimming with the bordering Triglav National Park (home to Mt Triglav, the country’s highest mountain at 2,864m), providing endless climbing and hiking routes.  

A morning spent cycling the Bohinjska Kolesarska Pot (sounds more interesting than Bohinj Cycling Trail) was a great way to see the river, farms, villages, fields of wildflowers and to get a taste of the local country life.   

So while it was just a short stay, visiting Slovenia has felt like one big postcard moment of green and blue.

Lake Bohinj 1.jpg
Lake 3.jpg
Bike ride.jpg
Fisherman in river.jpg
Love Bohinj.jpg