Sometimes a little detour can lead to the most unexpected, wonderful experiences and detouring in Spain has been no exception.  

Of course I knew Salvador Dali was a famous Spanish artist.  Of course I did ........ 

Truthfully though, before coming to here, I would have been hard-pressed to recognise any of his work.  Determined not to remain ignorant, it took just a little detour to the town of Figueres, to see his famous theatre/museum - one of the most visited in Spain.  It turned out to be one of the most unexpectedly wonderful things I have seen in this country and left me in awe of a genius.  

So while on a roll with my newfound admiration for Dali, the detours continued.  It was just one more hour on a bus after all .........  and it took me to the Costa Brava, to the coastal town of Cadaques that inspired much of Dali’s work and the area he called home for many years.  It is tucked into the uppermost north-east corner of Spain, just a hop, skip and a jump into France.  

Little did I know how much I would enjoy this beautiful, white-washed, cobble-stone filled town with medieval city walls and the Mediterranean Sea at its feet.  With its main economy being tourism, it is not difficult to see why it is so popular with locals and visitors alike.  With its crystal clear, blue/green Mediterranean waters, Cadaques is perfect for diving, swimming, fishing, boating and soaking up the sunshine on the rocky beaches. (As an Australian, the concept of lying on a rocky ‘beach’ has been challenging, but it is the Mediterranean and that’s just what you do). 

It is always a bonus when you can explore a unique rocky coastline by kayak, stopping in at little bays along the way for a swim.  With great water visibility and perfect ocean conditions, I was left wondering what I did to please my weather gods in a previous life.  After six months of travelling and a total of only eight days of bad weather, I continue to worship my weather gods. 

Cadaques is also the starting point for some great hiking in Cap de Creus - a dry, rocky nature park with amazing geology, surrounded by ocean and incredible views.  I do love a good rocky outcrop and this area does not disappoint.   

The most interesting times on this journey have resulted from trusting my instinct to ‘just go for it and see what happens’, rather than sticking rigidly to a plan.  It’s those detours that are making it so special.  


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