I went in search of quirky but instead found just plain charming.

Hoi An is an immediately likeable Vietnamese coastal town, full of character, old buildings and tailors.  If you want a new suit, this is your town. If you want great restaurants, cafes and streets without many motorbikes, this is also your town.

If you are looking for an easy, overseas romantic destination, again, you'd be in the right place. Between the nearest airport in Danang and Hoi An, there is the longest strip of suitably gaudy wedding reception venues I've ever seen in one place. The taxi driver did his best to support that business by playing a series of 'love-song dedications' style music during the 30 minute plus trip into Hoi An.  Quite a treat.

On my travels these last few months, I've been in the minority compared to the numbers of Europeans travellers.  In Vietnam, I'm just one of the masses of Aussie tourists - not surprising, given how cheap and easy it is as a travel destination.  It's also a nice change to be able to use some slang and have people understand me.

By day, the river, beach and markets are full of life, but from the early evening, as the temperature starts to cool marginally, the place really comes alive and you can eat, drink, stroll and say "No thanks" to boat drivers in a very relaxed environment. 

And if you like lanterns and mood lighting, then it REALLY is your kind of place.  And everyone smiles - which is making me very happy.