Yesterday ended with a waterfall visit.  Today started with a different waterfall visit, to the mighty Dray Nur.  Today ended with water and falling...... but more about that later.

Days five and six have been uncomfortably hot and combined with the busier roads, drier landscape and more built-up areas, have been less inspiring than the first three.  To top that off,  my hotel room last night was next to a room full of the WORST karaoke singers I have EVER heard (and I've been hearing quite a few in Vietnam).

But there are always the gems that make it worthwhile - like the spectacular waterfalls hidden away in the most unlikely places, which most travellers don't get the fortune to see (unless you are touring by motorbike and can read Vietnamese).  While soaking my hot feet at the top of a waterfall yesterday, I could feel something staring at me and looked up to see an elephant.  Yes, an elephant.  It wasn't completely wild, but it was one of those priceless moments. 

We were nearing the end of day today when it hit.  The storm was fast approaching across the rice paddies, but we were unprepared for the ferocious wind that made it almost impossible to control the bike on the most unprotected stretch of road we had been on in six days.  

As Lee fought violently to keep the bike upright, we ran into a herd of water buffalo on the road.  Of course.  Then came the water (it chose that moment to bucket down) and then came the falling (us and the bike).  No damage to man, bike or beast, but it was the hardest I laughed all day - not quite sure what that says about me!

Ah, some days are like masterpieces and others are rough drafts, but all part of the colourful art of travelling.

Waterfall 1.jpg
Waterfall 3.jpg
Storm approach.jpg