Getting comfortable

Sitting at the front, in control of a motorbike, I would be extremely nervous.  Sitting at the back, behind my trusty driver Lee, I have been getting very comfortable.

So much so that over the 200km covered today, including two hours of 'experiencing' roadworks up close and personal, I found myself drifting away and forgetting where I was.  Vietnam is so diverse in its people, scenery and cultures - it doesn't come any more 'real' than this.  With few western travellers out this way, it is a truly authentic experience.

The scenery may have been less spectacular today, but between the roadworks, small towns, lovely lake, coffee, cashew nut, pepper, rubber and avocado plantations, one of my favourite moments took place when we stopped.   The roadside cafes are usually home to tiny little red chairs and tables - perfectly comfortable if you are a tiny little person.  Even as a relative shortie, the little red chairs still make me feel like my knees are up around my ears.  But today, I got really comfortable in a cafe full of hammocks and drifted away while sipping on a fresh coconut,  listening to the trucks roar past in the background.  Until the baby chickens brushed by my feet and brought me back to reality.

After four days of motorbike touring, I almost don't hear the horns anymore.  Almost.  Particularly the buses that drive within touching distance of the motorbike, then give a friendly, extended honk of the horn 'just to let you know they are there'.

I almost don't hear them.  Must be getting too comfortable.

Community Hall.jpg
Bridge & bike.jpg