The fridge incident

Today it nearly happened - I was almost run over by a refrigerator. Totally understandable when the refrigerator was......on a bicycle. Can't really blame the man riding the bike - after all, his vision was a refrigerator.

To recover from the shock, a strong Vietnamese coffee was required. The menu was not in English, so I had a stab at 'black coffee'. Ended up with a bubbling cup of lukewarm coffee with Baileys???,  served in a bowl of boiling water. Note to self - learn Vietnamese words for hot and black.

Hue is home to an impressive 19th Century Imperial City, citadel, river and ancient tombs, but as usual for me, the most interesting stuff happens when just wandering the streets.  Like defying death-by-fridge. 

My enjoyment of travel is fast becoming much less about the sights and much more about the experience.

Fridge on bike.jpg
Red doors.jpg
Fence & tree.jpg