Life of Pai

Life always looks good from a hammock. Particularly the kinky Thai plaited leather one on the deck of my modest bungalow. I suspect the hammock has other uses during the off-peak season....... but I digress.

After the haze and city noise of Chiang Mai, a mere three and a half hour minivan ride takes me to Pai (pronounced 'bye'). Lying in the kinky hammock surrounded by plants, the birds chirp, the breeze is slight and there's not a car or motorbike within earshot. There is a lady that watered the garden and dirt yesterday afternoon, giving the air that freshly-rained smell.  She also spent TWO WHOLE HOURS sweeping the grass, leaves and dirt this morning.  Outside my bungalow at 7.30am, were the two neatest piles of leaves I have ever seen.  

Pai is a hippy, artsy little town with a lovely, relaxed vibe on the Mae Peng river. It's full of hippy, artsy people, backpackers, cool cafes, bookshops and bars but I just don't have quite enough hair, beads or tattoos to really fit in.  Pai has a little something for everyone - you can do yoga, learn to kick-box, go trekking, do drugs, tube down the river and visit temples.  As I said, something for everyone.   I, however, am working on perfecting the art of eating, drinking, reading and just lazing about in my kinky hammock all day.  I'm getting really good at it.

Rumour has it there is a place you can visit at sunset and see 50,000 birds.  Sounds like something I'll be checking out later.

It's also a good place to get plucked (see last photo). Tempting as it was,  just couldn't bring myself to pluck an arm. Sounds like a slow painful process to me.

Pai river.jpg
Pluck sign.jpg