The loop

I was on a big loop with no map and found myself wondering - “can you be lost if you don’t really know where you are trying to go?”

While distracted by new sights, scenery and the joy of being outdoors, my bike missed a crucial turn and took me somewhere else.  My bike and I were not lost - we were simply exploring alternatives.

Cycling around Melbourne’s well-marked 30km Capital City Trail loop doesn’t usually require a map, my bike just likes to be a bit rebellious.  I was secretly pleased.  Getting lost at home means that life hasn’t become too predictable.

2013 has been one big loop of getting lost, getting found, rediscovery, being immersed in new cultures overseas then looping back home to more wonderful discoveries in a different city. 

In the last week I have rediscovered the joy of watching a movie under the stars, explored a beautiful old convent, stared at waterfalls, ridden down twisting metal paths, listened to amazing overseas and local musicians in concert halls, clubs and the tiniest little pub I’ve ever been to.  Melbourne is a wonderfully diverse, cosmopolitan and accepting place and when I danced next to the green-mohawked, tattoo-covered, leather-clad stranger, his smile to me said it all - music transcends boundaries.  

As always, the real fun happens when you step outside the comfort zone.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Abbotsford Convent

Abbotsford Convent

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Dights Falls

Dights Falls

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