Making a wish

Rolling on the grass was always going to end in pain.

But it was so lush, so green and I really wanted a picture of those little pink flowers.  Besides, the itching went away ......... eventually ......... and I will have the photo forever.

I have been wandering in my new home city of Melbourne and it has been full of unexpected delights, especially of the two-wheeled kind.  

Melbourne is a very bicycle-friendly city and the choice of dedicated bike trails is fantastic.  One of the deservedly most popular is the Main Yarra Trail, which starts in the city and runs through a variety of scenic landscape from bush to paddocks, along the Yarra River for 35km.  The combination of park, bushland, river, city views AND even some lovely cafes along the way makes for a very pleasant experience.  Did I mention that it is mostly flat?  

But just as I got comfortable cruising along on wheels, I found it - The Wishing Tree and the Labyrinth.

I had never seen anything like it - the maze-like labyrinth was too intriguing not to explore on foot.  As I wove my way around the curiously laid rock path, it was an almost trance-like experience allowing feet and mind to simply follow the path and trust that it would lead to the centre.

Next to it is The Wishing Tree (a beautiful native gum tree) which is covered in quirky symbols of peace and hope.  The wish tags, left hanging by passers-by, are seeking everything from world peace, harmony, equality, love and lots more, but the one which left me smiling simply said:  “I wish I was a pirate”. 

Maybe life really is as simple as just putting one foot in front of the other and making a few wishes along the way.

Yarra River 1.jpg
Labyrinth sign.jpg
Wishing tree wishes.jpg
Fairfield boats.jpg