Swedes, Urchins & Russians

Nothing gives quite the same buzz as being in a place where there are no traffic rules, where an ice cream costs over 100,000 and where attempting to cross the road gets the adrenalin flowing. Good Morning Vietnam!

After an overnight in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), next stop was Phu Quoc Island, 15km off the southern cost of Vietnam and a one hour flight from HCMC.  The island is supposedly the next 'big thing' to rival Thailand as the idyllic Asian beach getaway.  Not so sure about that. 

The palm-fringed beaches, $5 BBQ seafood feasts and warm water do, however, appeal to visitors from many countries, predominantly Sweden and Russia.  In fact, so many of them visit, that menus and beach signs were also written in Cyrillic for the Russians (although sea urchin and sea snake on a menu needs little translation).  

The ferry ride back to the Vietnam mainland this morning was followed by a most interesting border crossing into Cambodia.  It was slightly disconcerting to be dropped off by bus at a cafe with lots of other travellers, blindly handing over your passport, paying some money and being told that you would get your passport back with Cambodian visa,  once you got to border control.  And it all happened just as they told us it would.  Must have a little faith sometimes!

Cambodia already has a special feel and I have a good feeling about this place and what is ahead.