Mekong magic

The lure of a good sunset is universal and this stretch of the Mekong River has delivered some beauties (see below obligatory sunset shots). When you get to view one on the river in a Laos long-boat, it's great. When you get to observe traditional Laos river life along the way, land on a very small sandy islet to watch the sunset AND your toothless long-boat driver gives you a huge piece of watermelon to wrap your mouth around, it's the best.

Still at Don Khon (in a hammock) as I write and reflect on the past three days here.

Whilst Don Khon is still very traditional and the bungalows are peppered between village houses, the neighbouring island (Don Det) has a reputation as the 'party island' where all things flow freely. As in many Asian traveller hangouts, Don Det has its fair share of people who look like they have stayed way too long.

This morning's magic started with a 'four-wheel drive' tuk-tuk ride across to the other side of the island, where the river marks the Cambodia/Laos border. It is a beautiful spot where we we took another long-boat and were very fortunate to see some of the few remaining, critically endangered freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins (Mekong River dolphin) found only in this part of the world. Happy days.

On the road again tomorrow heading north by bus (three hours) to Pakse, then a 16 hour overnight bus trip (yay) to the Laos capital of Vientiane. Not so happy days!

Sunset 2.jpg
Sunset 1.jpg
Si Phan Don map.jpg