Two resolutions and a lie

31 December 2012 - Day one in Singapore was wet.  Really, really wet.  The good thing about getting wet is that once you are drenched, you can't get any wetter, even when armed with a brand new 'slimmest-ever' Singaporean umbrella.  

Despite all the rain, the cultural melting pot of Singapore has been full of surprises and all of them good.  

Surprise #1 - Singapore puts on visually spectacular, fun, vibrant and happy NYE celebrations without drunken brawls or any of the ugly stuff - have never felt safer or enjoyed a celebration so much

Surprise #2 - good music and dancing knows no boundaries (hello to newfound friends from Angola) 

Being partial to a good New Year's resolution, I was delighted to find Surprise #3 - a giant billboard challenging partygoers to write down two resolutions and a lie.  My challenge for 2013 is to find two resolutions that will stick and to openly declare the lie (the resolution that we all make, secretly knowing that it will never happen).   So here it is, my lie for 2013 - "I will remember the birthdays of ALL my family and friends" - sorry guys, you know it's just not going to happen!).  

Happy 2013 everyone.